Is it just me or has marketing and advertising become dirty words? I think so often we associate the practice with selling unnecessary shit. Which is fair. Now more than ever, we’re very aware that media can be a breeding ground for lies and deception. But what happens when we harness its power for good? That’s what I’m here to explore. We’ll look at the shallow, feel good, ambiguous, “we’re so woke” stuff that companies so often get wrong…and laugh and laugh. Then we’ll dig into brands with balls – the ones that defy generic philanthropy and cause marketing to actually make a change. And use their platform to encourage others to change too. We’ll also look at everything in between because sometimes I’m left scratching my head asking, “what the…?”

I’m far from an expert on cause marketing or sustainability, but I believe curiosity, exploration, and critical examination of what’s out there is crucial to understanding what works and what falls flat. ‘Cause we gotta change and talking about it can help.


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