Cards Against Humanity FTW

I wish I could kiss Cards Against Humanity (CAH) on the mouth. This stunt , buying a piece of land to block Trump’s border wall, is a part of their annual holiday campaign that asks people to give them $15 for gifts throughout the holiday season. This isn’t new for them. I participated in 2015 and got maybe one of my favorite gifts of all time – pictures and letters from Chinese factory workers that manufacture the game. The company had taken the money from the promotion and shut down the factories so they could go home and celebrate the holidays with their families.

Actions like this remind me of how marketing can be a force for good. CAH didn’t just talk about injustices in factories or their disdain for our xenophobic leader, they made a move to fix it. Even if their efforts are temporary, it shows the impact one small company can have. Not just in physical acts, but in the media it generates. This most recent story was plastered all over my Facebook wall today. And I gushed about my gift last Christmas on social media (see above). Sure, they’re generating positive (or negative, whichever side you’re on) press for themselves, but they’re also sparking conversation about crazy ideas that might just work. Much like some of the insane card pairings I put out during a heated CAH game (there’s only a few people that get my dark humor).

I think the coolest part about this whole thing is the fact that the money they used is from their customers. They can point to them and say, “hey, you made this happen.” Can you imagine a conservative customer realizing what his $15 went toward? It’s a gamble, but their whole brand is based on not caring about what other people think and caring about the things that matter. I think that’s coming through loud and clear here.


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