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If you're already into the cause marketing space, the fact that I featured the above image may annoy you. "Why am I even here if she insists on featuring such overused cliched examples," you say. Because this is the OG example of actually addressing a systemic issue that plagues society.

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Absolut Vodka Proves They Have “Nothing to Hide”

Absolut reveals more than just their process in this new spot about transparency. Yes, this is really at their distillery in Ahus, Sweden. And no, these aren't just actors. A good percentage of these naked people are actual Absolut employees (Toto, we're not in puritanical America anymore). Through the guise of an employee induction video, one delightfully goofy employee (ok, that's an actor) takes you on a tour of their facilities dropping facts about their sustainable approach to making the product.

Budweiser’s Superbowl Ad Isn’t About Beer

A lot has happened since the last Superbowl, we’ve seen protests, investigations, social movements, and natural disasters. Are we going to see brands acknowledging and taking a stand on these topics? Budweiser was one of the first the release their spot online and it seems to continue the theme of communicating their company’s values in a timely way. The commercial documents their response to the series of hurricanes in places like Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

How Burgers Proved a Point about Net Neutrality

OK if someone offered you $100 right now to explain, like really explain, net neutrality in Laymen's Terms, could you do it? If you answered yes, good on ya. If you answered no, you're not alone. A poll found that 75% of the 800 adults surveyed were unfamiliar with the term "net neutrality." Burger King picked up on this problem and thought of a clever way to put it into perspective.

5 (Re)solutions to Tech Addiction

The entire social media industry banks on people spending as much time as possible on their platforms. This makes them money. And they like money. But surely, there is something to this idea of asking people to unplug. Go out and experience real life to make coming back to social media and sharing your experiences that much more fulfilling. Sometimes it feels hopeless, but there are people, organizations, and companies out there taking action to combat this problem.

2017 – The Year Brands Dared to Speak Up

2017 was rough, ya'll. There's some collective trauma no matter what side of the aisle or world you're on. I mean, case and point - the US government basically admitted to the existence of UFOs and somehow it didn't feel like breaking news? It seems easier to tune out and remain numb than engage with or act on every injustice we faced this year. Au contraire, we're at a boiling point, people are mad as hell and that's translating into something kind of beautiful.

Can Child-Like Wonder Sell Sustainable Solutions? Audi thinks so.

There's something so comforting and relatable about a child's imagination. To fill the void brought on by adulthood, I find myself searching for that magical feeling through experiences, books, films, and art. Case and point - I recently looked into how to buy the animal art that speaks in the movie Amélie (If you haven't seen this movie, it's very important that you drop everything and watch it, like right now). Audi's new spot taps into that emotion brought on by child-like wonder and showcases their new g-tron model that uses fuel produced with wind energy.

Black Friday Outsider

Pants are already fitting a bit tight. I can't escape Mariah Carey (like I want to anyway, amirite?). And cuffing season is upon us. Holidays are here folks! Outside of the actual super bowl, this time of year is like the super bowl for advertisers. Plenty of people have picked up on the contradiction of Black Friday - fighting each other for stuff the day after we give thanks for what we have.

Toyota is on the Move

"Increasing physical mobility can lead to upward social mobility." I'm paraphrasing, but this statement blew my mind. I heard it from Doug Moore, the Director of Technology for Human Support at Toyota at the Net Impact conference in Atlanta. He's developing technology like the Human Support Robot which helps people that have limited mobility with... Continue Reading →

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